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A Full Range of Services

Our team of qualified marine surveyors come from diverse backgrounds in the marine industry and are experienced in a wide range of marine services. See below for a list of the services FLORDA NAUTICAL SURVEYORS currently provide.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

A pre-purchase survey is a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural integrity, all system’s, operating condition and performance. A detailed report is prepared the same day of the inspection which includes an equipment list and detailed list of deficiencies. Market & replacement values are also included. Most financial and insurance companies require a pre-purchase survey.

New Construction Surveys

New construction surveys can start from the planning stages and go all the way through to the first year warranty inspections. The numerous inspections includes checking the integrity of the hull, installation of equipment and the cosmetic finish of the vessel at completion.

Insurance Valuation Surveys

Insurance surveys are conducted to determine marine risk and value of a vessel, and are often used for re-insurance of vessel.

Financial Evaluation Surveys

An inspection to determine the vessel’s value is conducted primarily for refinancing, estate settlement, and divorce asset value.

Customs Surveys

Customs surveys are conducted on foreign registered vessels which are being imported into the United States in order to determine value for duty [tax] assessment.

Seller Surveys

We conduct these type of surveys on all types of yachts and have been doing this service for both sellers and brokers for over twenty years. We find out the condition of the vessel prior to a brokerage agreeing to market the vessel so they know what they are taking on, good or bad. The same type of inspection is carried out by the seller so he does not get any major surprises when the yacht is surveyed by a buyers surveyor. Many of the small deficiencies can be corrected by the owner or crew and saves a lot of money when final negotiating is taking place.

Damage Inspections

Damage inspections determine the scope of damage and aid in the formulation of a repair plan. Progressive inspections of the repair work are often requested, along with a final inspection of completed repair work.

Moisture Testing

A moisture meter determines moisture content in fiberglass lamination, hull cores and wood.

Audio Gauge Testing

Audio gauge testing is conducted to determine deterioration of aluminum or steel plating, most commonly used on underwater hull areas and tanks. The test does not require the coatings to be removed saving the owner many thousands of dollars.

Thermal Imaging

Top of the range thermal imaging cameras are used extensively during the surveys to find problems not visible to the human eye. Prior to these cameras there was no way to record delamination that we may have found by using a phenolic hammer or we had to dismantle switchboards to check all of the connections. We now use the cameras in these situations and also to check below teak decks, machinery, air conditioning systems as well as hulls.

Insurance Claim Consultation

Our surveyors work with owners to verify the scope of damage and settlement issued by an insurance adjuster or surveyor to ensure nothing is missed.

Inspection of Repair Work

Inspections of any type of repair work are conducted to ensure the work is completed to the highest of standards.

Hull Bottom Inspection

Hull bottom inspections are conducted to check the integrity of the hull and running gear and to ensure any repair work is completed to the highest of standards.

Commercial Freighters

Our surveyors can carry out the needs of any ship owner from full ship surveys, damage inspections, cargo inspections, on and off charter surveys and over-seeing any required repairs.

Marine Casualty Investigations

Marine casualty investigations are conducted along with the owners to determine the cause leading up to a marine casualty. In some incidents Mr. Elliott will work along with attorneys as a consultant in these same cases.


Malcolm Elliott and our team of surveyors are available to answer all of your questions regarding your vessel choice, purchase, operation and vessel repair or new build.

Expert Witness Consultation and Testimony

Malcolm Elliott is experienced as an expert witness and is qualified as such in the Circuit Court and US District Court and has been involved in cases as diverse as onboard fires, sinking’s, build qualities and invoicing. Many of the top attorneys consult with Mr. Elliott due to his many years experience in the marine field.