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A Selection of Boats Surveyed

No matter what type of yacht, size and built from any material we have the experience to meet your needs. The complete vessel along with all of the systems will be checked and a detailed report prepared that is available within a few hours.


Express Yachts

Like all of the groups of yachts mentioned here we are now surveying Express yachts of up to 120 foot when just a few years ago a 63 Sea Ray was the largest express out there.


Large Yachts

Twenty years ago large yachts used to be about 80 to 130 feet but now when we have yachts of over 500 feet the minimum size for a large yacht would be 180 feet plus. The 100 largest yachts in the world now start at 213’ while in 2006 they started at 154’.


Motor Yachts

There are now so many manufacturers building this style of yacht it is hard to believe that just a few years ago a 53 Hatteras was considered to be at the larger end of the range. Now we group motor yachts up to about 180 feet.


Sport Fishing Boats

Whether it is the top of the line production boats or those from the renowned custom builders we have surveyed them all. Of over 150 of the stunning 61 Viking’s that were built Malcolm Elliott has surveyed over 80 of them.



Having built and repaired fishing trawlers in Scotland to being a consultant for one of the top builders of this style Malcolm Elliott has certainly surveyed the full range of trawlers. Trawlers were always considered to be of a certain style and much slower than motor yachts however that has changed and some of these trawlers are now over 80 feet and have a maximum speed of 25 knots or above.